6/15 Angels @ Athletics [Game Thread]



エンゼルス - アンドリュー・ヒーニー (4勝-3敗、防御率 4.37)
アスレチックス - フランキー・モンタス (6勝-6敗、防御率 4.37)



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Kelli miller Let's go Angels!

chomari We will win today!!


GameSmashing13 Alright, lets get back over .500


エンゼルス2 ー 5アスレチックス

ロサンゼルスタイムズ紙の記者 - Mike DiGiovanna



映像: https://mlb-cuts-diamond.mlb.com/FORGE/2021/2021-06/15/c1691620-0c18126c-c1872743-csvm-diamondx64-asset_1280x720_59_4000K.mp4


Cooleybob Goodbye .500, I hardly knew thee.

skylinegtrr Again, what's famous angels team???

(そうブロウペンです!!!!!!!) Blowpen=Blow(台無しにする)+bullpen(リリーフ投手陣)

AaronDonald4MVP Hello darkness my old friend,

It’s our bullpen once again.
(悲しみよ、こんにちは。また我々のリリーフ投手がやってくれました) サイモン&ガーファンクルの曲『サウンド・オブ・サイレンス』より。オリジナルの歌詞は以下:

Hello darkness, my old friend

I’ve come to talk with you again


Time-Cat-8827 How many times have we seen it? Pull starting pitcher and bullpen immediately implodes. I would love to see stats on that. Angels have to be near dead last.
(我々は一体何度この光景を見てきた? 先発投手を降板させるや否やリリーフ投手が大量失点を許す。統計があったら見てみたいわ。絶対エンゼルスは最下位だよ)

8va Complete waste of a good start by Heany.

The look on Heaney’s face smh, cameraman is wrong for zooming in on him
(ベンチにいるヒーニーの顔を見てごらんよ smh、どうしてカメラマンは彼にズームインするなんてことをするんだ) smh=shake my head=頭を横に振る

rbc2344 He encapsulates how we all feel.

Brutha_Man Bruh Heaney looks pissed smh

808Kickz420_ He should be

booyah-achieved I wonder exactly how many of Heaney's earned runs were allowed by the bullpen. Seems like i see it every start of his
(ヒーニーの失点のうち何割くらいを "リリーフ投手陣のせいで追加された自責点" が占めているだろう。彼が先発登板するたびにリリーフ投手陣のせいで自責点が増えるのを見てきた気がする) ※ヒーニーが降板した時点で走者が1人残っていたため最初の1失点がヒーニーの責任となる

donkeyjr Dude, our bullpen is legit the worst

live4coasters It's like clockwork. We pull Heaney, the blowpen does its thing
(時計仕掛けみたいなものだ。ヒーニーを降板させるとブロウペンが毎回のようにそれを台無しにする) clockwork:時計仕掛け、時計のような規則正しさ、同じパターンを繰り返す

TacosAndBeerJedi Heaney should’ve been pitching not Chishek

bawners So sick of this fucking team.

That little win-streak was like putting a nice, new coat of paint on a house with a frame made of rotten wood. Our franchise is bad and it's dumb to continue thinking year after year that it's even capable of producing good results on the field.

donkeyjr We aint a playoff team, if we have to score 6+ runs a game to win...

stuckinthepow Y’all deluded yourselves into thinking we were because we won 6 games. We are going to hover around 0.500 all season. Do not expect anything to change my friend. Just accept it. It makes enjoying the games much easier.

Harrason The amount of relievers who have 4+ ERA in this roster is insane.

Cooleybob Our entire bullpen is over 4.00 except C-Rod and Watson and they're both over 3.00

RapFuzzy As great as the win streak was, we swept the worst team in the league.

GetDrafted Nothing is more demoralizing than always losing to the A's. Makes any progress feel meaningless because when it's all said and done if we can't get past them, we can't get past the regular season

tristpa2 We scored 5 off the bullpen yesterday. We aren't out of this yet
(昨日は相手のリリーフ投手陣から5点もぎ取ったろ? 我々はまだこの試合に負けたわけじゃないんだぞ)

OlivesrNasty Our bullpen is gonna give up 6 more just to mess with us

DeathlinkCB Again, I don’t know how you make this team competitive in a single offseason. There’s just too much to fix here.

burnsrado Good lord Cishek is terrible

Buffalongo Cishek is trash again. Great

mesorangerxx I don't get how anybody get to be a big league pitcher when you walk 2 batters in a row and can't even strike anyone out.

chrisjp26 There’s a reason why the Astros dropped this guy. He’s fucking garbage

Mooncake76 I can’t watch. But I also can’t look away


specter1001 Why the fuck do I even bother with this team

claire_004 Well, gotta admit A's the better team. I love to post something positive but I get the frustation

hansan4ever I mean, to be fair, we're only down by 3 against the best team in our divison, and there are still 3 innings left...


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エンゼルスの地元紙OC Registerの記者 - Jeff Fletcher


claire_004 FINALLY !!!!

sanmed327 SHOHEI!

hansan4ever SHOOOOOO!!!!!!!

Mooncake76 Yessssssss SHO!! ❤️❤️❤️

TrayshFactory SHO TIME!

Segal-train Sho oh oh ohtani!!

KamartyMcFlyweight MY BOY

MavUpnUp My man

8va Holy shit that was a moon shot

Eeriepotato220 SHOBOMB YESSS SHOBOMB=Shohei+Bomb
bomb / Hit a bomb:打った瞬間に柵を超えるとわかるようなホームランの意。あまりにも強くボールがバットに当たる様を爆発に例えた表現

Paulsnoc Wow!

kxjniji YAY SHOHEIIIIII!!! YAY:「わーい」「やったー」「よーし」「いいぞ」などの歓喜や絶頂感やなどを表す感嘆詞


inselfwetrust Holy hell that was crushed

KanyeMelon Jesus Christ

claire_004 God Bless You, man

Paulsnoc Why I watch.

romorr That HR hits the eye nicely. Love how you know its gone right away.

latotokyo123 What a rocket.

crushedredpartycups that was an absolute MONSTER

Chernoblie 429ft, 115mph off the bat. fucking crushed!

HungryGhosty 115.8 mph... this Shohei is not human

MattO2000 115.8 mph 429 ft

Tun710 That ball is dead now

chadisrad00 116 mph. Wow. You are amazing ohtani.

SexiestPanda That’s it? I was expecting 150 minimum tbh
(たったそれだけ? ぶっちゃけ時速150マイルくらい出てるかと思ったわ)

Bullshitbanana Ohtani hits the ball so fucking hard. It’s kind of funny because his home run swing makes him look like a baseball hitting god but when he strikes out he falls out of the box like he’s never held a bat before 😂

MorningRooster He gives it all even on two strikes and it makes his K’s look silly. I love it

ArteSucks Idk about you guys, but I don’t think throwing a pitch dead middle of the zone to Shohei is a good idea

garbanzo-beanzz I think it’s a GREAT idea. Would encourage.

donkeyjr Man, I knew Ohtani was going to hit a homer, needed someone to be on base.

mesorangerxx Now if only our boi Sho can do this with risp 😭
(我々のショーヘイがこのホームランを走者がいる状態で打ってくれさえしていればなぁ 😭)

imTheLastSplash That call was wild lmao.

wilfordbrimley7 omg matty v went primal

superwang Was Matt Vasgersian having an orgasm during that home run call?

Daankeykang Lmfao Vasgersian and Sutton cream their pants on every homerun call. It sounds forced but it's always super entertaining
(実況アナウンサーのマット・​バスゲルシャンとダロン・サットンは大谷がホームランを打つたびに興奮でパンツを汚してるだろあれw まぁ無理やりあの声を出しているのかもしれないが、いつ聞いても超楽しくなってくるな)

ExpertSportAnalyst I love Vasgersian for his home run calls but this is definitely the weirdest home run call I've ever heard in my life lol


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ahughes61 ......

SuperMario_49 I hate the A’s...

lucabrassiere Brought us back down to Earth...

trillothy At least Sho hit a homer...

GetDrafted Always fun to watch an Ohtani bomb. Better luck tomorrow

guerrero2 Did someone tell Slegers that this is not BP?
(誰かスレガーズにちゃんと "これはバッティング練習ではない" と伝えた?) ※アスレチックスに3失点したリリーフ投手のスティーブ・シシェックは即座に降板。その後はアレックス・クラウディオ、クリス・ロドリゲスに続き8回裏からはアーロン・スレガーズが登板

AKASHI2341 Why tf they bring back Slegers?

IN GUBIE WE TRUST Why is Slegers back

claire_004 Wait since when you call up Slegers ?

Segal-train Today, Hoyt went down

ahughes61 Definitely being sent back down tomorrow

WMTaddict This is how top teams play guys, we were under the impression our bullpen got better, it didn’t we played shitty teams

BaldOnPurpose Didn't see any of the game until just now. Ugh. Same old shit. Team gives us hope and then reverts to crap against Oakland.


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sanmed327 WALSH!!!

Mooncake76 Walshy!!

phelinephile WALSH!!!!!!

hansan4ever WALSHY!!!!!!

kxjniji WALSHHHHHH!!!!

試合終了:エンゼルス4 ー 6アスレチックス

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