Pristine_Instance381 Can confirm! Was at the game last night in Oakland, sitting behind the Angels’ dugout and the last time I’ve seen so many cameras come out for a player was Barry Lamar Bonds.
(マニー・ラミレスの言う通りだ! 昨夜のアスレチックス戦をエンゼルス側のダッグアウトの後ろの席で観戦したけど、あれほどまでにカメラマンが詰め掛けるのを最後に見たのはバリー・ボンズの時以来だ)

Everyone stops what they’re doing and watches his at bats… When you add that to his elite pitching performance of 6IP 0ER 8Ks while touching 98mph, we are witnessing the burgeoning of the greatest legend since Babe Freaking Ruth! Blessings!

bbaIla (エンゼルスファン) Been saying this all year, he can't be human.

at_work_yo I thank all the Gods right now for Ohtani

SnowbackMcGee (ブルージェイズファン) We really do need to appreciate what we're seeing with Ohtani. There's never been anything like him in our llifetimes. Mike Trout is a generational talent; Ohtani is much more than that.

(ドジャースファン) I chose to not watch a Dodgers/Giants game with the division up for grabs because Ohtani was in town and pitching.

Zero regrets, happy to be able to say I watched Shohei hit a 116 mph rocket and throw 98mph fastballs.

beefytrout (レンジャーズファン) Maybe Shohei is God

Shmowzow6 (タイガースファン) I'd worship him

Ryuuken1789 (メッツファン) Shohei Oh-Kami

Gyro88 (カブスファン) https://media.tenor.com/images/17675bb116488077ce139ed5d1d690ad/tenor.gif

Alternative_Tax_242 And we shall thank satan for making ohtani play for a shitty team.

Bendyb3n (レッドソックスファン) the Angels are out here hogging the two best hitters in the MLB, and 3 or 4 of the best fielders in the league, but have pretty much the absolute worst pitching. It's a shame really, they could be a dynasty in the making if they had some at least passable pitchers

Jdenney71 I’ll still never understand how the angels have Shohei AND Trout and still suck smh it’s bad for baseball that guys this good are on a team that can’t even sniff the playoffs.

Doc_McPuffins_ (ヤンキースファン) They have Ohtani, Trout, Rendon (I know that both have had injuries), Jared Walsh, and David Fletcher and are 46-47 with a -28 run differential lol

ohthatdusty Ohtani gives up 1 run in 5 innings and hits a solo HR, Trout has 3 RBI, and the Angels lose again, 6-4.

cupasoups (カブスファン) Wasting generational players







打率.378 / 出塁率.477 / 長打率.702


ImmediatelyDeep (ドジャースファン) This is a war crime

maverickoff (エンゼルスファン) They haven't been balls hit to Ohtani because they go over the fence, hard to catch those 😔

sackerficemath I'm not an expert, but after watching the Angels for the past 2 weeks I can say with some confidence that the Angels' bullpen leaves a lot to be desired.

830res_at_dorsia 'some' confidence?
("それなりの" 自信?)

specter1001 (エンゼルスファン) No need to mince words, the bullpen is straight dog shit.

JayOnes (ドジャースファン) It pisses me off just how little Anaheim has helped Trout and Ohtani.

And I’m not even a Halos fan. I can only imagine how y’all are dealing with this shit.

WurstThrowEver (エンゼルスファン) To really enjoy Angels baseball you just have turn the TV off when the other team hits. Then I take a sharpie and write a 0 over the other team's score so I can pretend we're always winning.

argothewise (エンゼルスファン) Life is pain

breakfast_cats (エンゼルスファン) This team makes me sad

KingOfAllDogz (エンゼルスファン) I want to die almost every day

jasonis3 (カブスファン) This is so painful it makes you laugh

DecoyOne (サンディエゴパドレスファン) Let Ohtani pitch from the outfield

『エンゼルス対アスレチックス戦実況スレ - Redditのエンゼルス板より』



エンゼルス - ホセ・スアレス (4勝-2敗、防御率 2.29)
アスレチックス - ジェームズ・カプリーリアン (4勝-3敗、防御率 2.90)

lamar_odoms_bong (エンゼルスファン) I still can’t believe we had a 0-0 ball game and the reliever comes in walks 2 and then gives up the home run. Like how the fuck does that happen. Literally worse case scenario there and it’s all the time
(未だに0-0で進んでいたのにリリーフ投手が入った瞬間に四球×2&ホームランを許した昨日の試合が信じられないでいる。一体どうしたらそんなことが起きるよ? 文字通り最悪のシナリオだ、しかも毎回そんなのが起きるって)

breakfast_cats (エンゼルスファン) I think I'm at the point where I can finally just relax and enjoy some great baseball players doing great baseball things without the stress of needing to see them win.

Playoffs are such a pipedream at this point that it's just not worth worrying about for the rest of the season. If it happens, great. If not it's fine.

8va (エンゼルスファン) 8.38 reliever ERA in July, holy shit
(今テレビに "7月のリリーフ投手陣の防御率は8.38" て出たんだが、マジか)

AndrewLAFan14 (エンゼルスファン) That graphic was actually insane.

sanmed327 (エンゼルスファン) Yesterday's score was only 4-1 but it felt worse. Wonder what surprises they have for us today


FletcherCollector (エンゼルスファン) Every Angels game should come with a free therapy session

Cake day (エンゼルスファン) Watching this team shortens my lifespan.

FletcherCollector (エンゼルスファン) By ALOT

garbanzo-beanzz (エンゼルスファン) I think we all need that off day tomorrow too

high_changeup (エンゼルスファン) 😎😎😎😎😎😎 We are sooo bad 😎😎😎😎😎😎

Fishsticksboi21 (エンゼルスファン) Suarez good

Bullpen bad

Hitting bad

Umpire bad

PurpleWelcome7142 (エンゼルスファン) Our bullpen is like "I am going to increase your ERA to the max!"

Sandval, Ohtani, Suarez all member of the victim's association
(サンドバルと大谷とスアレスは全員 "被害者の会" のメンバーだよ)


WurstThrowEver (エンゼルスファン) Suarez should have finished the inning and would have ended up with 6 innings pitched with maybe 2-3 runs scored. Instead it's 5.2 with 4 ER.

prmark34 (エンゼルスファン) In case anyone is wondering why the starters era’s are blown up and cishek and mayers era’s look somewhat respectable: i present exhibit A

jnuclear (エンゼルスファン) 16-26 vs the AL West so far 🍻

fricketycricket (エンゼルスファン) I’m guessing most of those 16 wins are against the Rangers

WMTaddict (エンゼルスファン) 3-9 against the A’s

WebGemWorld (エンゼルスファン) Pain.

jmikeo87 (エンゼルスファン) I wrote about this a couple months ago but it still blows my mind to this day: last year we had the worst bullpen in baseball. We got rid of EVERYONE except one person and signed an entirely new bullpen. And we STILL have the worst bullpen in baseball.

Zenithreg (エンゼルスファン) Bullpen sucks but it doesn't matter if you score 0-1 run.

FliPsk8guY (エンゼルスファン) Yeah...this one is on the offense as much as the bullpen

1wokeam (エンゼルスファン) Offense got the injury excuse while the bullpen got the you guys simply suck excuse.

claire_004 (エンゼルスファン) As much as I expecting 3 or 4 runs from that many hits, it's hard to win it with bullpen keep giving up 5+ runs every game

weltraumliebe (エンゼルスファン) Having some offense gives pitchers confidence. Today I blame on the offense. Hopefully the bullpen and offense shape up soon, I'm tired of losing winnable games.

shiftyeyedgoat (エンゼルスファン) That guy has allowed 50% of the runners he inherits upon relief to score (12 of 24). Cishek is worse by aggregate, but percentage-wise just under 50% (22 of 45).

This bullpen is honestly one of the worst I've ever seen in any season of baseball ever

husbunny (エンゼルスファン) The best part of Angels' day games is that I forget they are day games. Seeing the 6-0 scoreline this afternoon (while googling what time the game starts tonight) makes me thankful I did not have to sit through such a miserable performance.