4/27 Guardians @ Angels [Game Thread]



エンゼルス - 大谷翔平 (1勝-2敗、防御率 4.40)
ガーディアンズ - ザックプリーサック (1勝-1敗、防御率 1.53)


「It's ShoTime! 今日の先発は大谷翔平」


Jackster15 Ohtani day! 😎

YouPresumeTooMuch Shotime

A-Disgruntled-Snail SHOHTANI!

hansan4ever Let's go SHO!!!!

digitaldumpsterfire Shotime should be a national holiday tbh

GameSmashing13 Shohei about to be serving up more sliders than a burger joint
(さぁさぁ大谷がハンバーガーチェーンもびっくりの量のスライダーをお届けしますよ) slider:《野球》スライダー/3インチほどのバンズを使った小さなハンバーガー

chris Perfect game incoming

Dillonitis Mariners lost let's gooooooooo

Alert-Abalone204 Let's get a win and series win today boys!

quagnar Does Shohei only throw to Stassi now?

ohtanicel17 I hope so

digitaldumpsterfire Looks like it. His number are remarkably worse with suzuki.

mweolbwa Let's go Ohtani!! ❤️😇

S1lentonexx88 Let’s goooo Shohei!!

phelinephile Let's go Halos! 😇 👏👏 👏👏👏


Brutha_Man Damn Sho settle down

prisonrach well shit

Skyheart1004 damn he really wasn't biting any of those breaking balls

Broad_Recommendation Command is a little off so far

zodiac1018 Ohtani working slower than his last start

Skyheart1004 Not time to worry yet, his first innings have usually been rough. He'll settle in soon once he finds his pitches.

pachauaia I wonder if he needs a longer warmup or he just deals with nerves in the first

pachauaia Nervousness increases




8va Big yikes

pachauaia Fuck

DPaladin234 Fuck

DecentAnalysis8642 Shit.

prisonrach well fuck

pachauaia Cant be throwing a meatball to jram

ApexWasatchMountain Shohei throwing smeggy so far

CydoniaKnight Jesus, awful pitch

Ellery01 J Ram is so good... Still can't believe the Guardians got him locked up for such a bargain.
(やっぱホセ・ラミレスはいい選手だわ... よくもまぁガーディアンズ彼をあれほど格安な契約金で長期契約できたもんだ、未だに信じられないわ)

WhalesForChina I guess Ramírez is batting .354 for a reason.

SzenMaster Can you imagine being a switch hitter like Ramirez? Dude can hit like 97mph fastballs from both sides. Nuts

Skyheart1004 Objectively, dude's amazing. When we're playing against him? Fuck.
(客観的に見て彼は素晴らしい選手だ。エンゼルスが彼と対戦しているときはどう見えるかって? もちろんファックですよ)

Broad_Recommendation Ramirez hit that well but it was a hung off speed pitch. Most good major leaguers hit that a long way.

Brutha_Man Damn I hope this isn’t gonna be one of those games. Come on Sho-Time shake it off

kirbyfaraone Hitting has been good this series, hopefully they can pick up Sho

Monttavius It’s all good. Our offense will pick it back up. Shake it off Sho.



WuvRice pitch count is already fucked

choconut5 I can tell just from that half inning that Ohtani is fatigued. FB velocity is also precipitously down. He needs to have a day off.

digitaldumpsterfire I wish they would have him sit the day before every other start as a pitcher.

DecentAnalysis8642 I think Maddon needs to occasionally overrule Shohei’s insistence that he’s ready to go.

Monttavius Yeah I’m so surprised he hasn’t had one off yet. We literally can have adell or marsh DH for a game. Let the poor man rest :( maybe tomorrow after his start




Im_A_Halo_Masochist Trout!!!

TheGreatLake Fish man good.

AlmostWrongSometimes Fish Man Good Fish Man Good Fish Man Good

GameSmashing13 HOW IS HE THIS GOOD

Broad_Recommendation Mike is unreal man

Much_Ad_2486 How on earth does he get better every damn year it’s insane

mando_94 This might be Trouts best season boys and girls

MuffinsTLW Trout is the goat




BerlinStar17 Tony!

Im_A_Halo_Masochist Rendoooooon!!!!!!!

burnsrado Yeah babyyyy

Poli_Sci_27 Let’s gooo

pachauaia Atta baby rendon

Smoky_Amethyst Tied game. Whoo!
(同点だぜ Whoo!)

KamartyMcFlyweight Offense backing up Ohtani, you love to see it!

DecentAnalysis8642 0-0 now, baby!

WhalesForChina God damn these guys are working some fantastic ABs.


Broad_Recommendation 2 nights ago people were saying Rendon is our next Pujols.

Casuals hahah

MrTacoParty no Rendon slander anymore!!

owledge Good to see the team picking up Ohtani

zodiac1018 Yes, hopefully this gives Ohtani a confidence boost


DecentAnalysis8642 Fuuuuuuck.

Possible_Tap8558 god damnit ohtani

pachauaia Sliders completely off tonight. Might need to take it out of the game

Broad_Recommendation His command is just off tonight

Skyheart1004 He's hanging too many of them, might turn into a high velo fastball kinda night.

kb8kb24 Damn this is the opposite of last start

choconut5 His breaking pitches are not breaking at all. a telltale sign of fatigue.

finkelberg24 Ohtani just doesn’t have it tonight

pachauaia 3 hits with 2 strikes. Might be a short night from shohei

kirbyfaraone Shohei doesn’t look like he has it right now, but still a lot of time to figure it out

mando_94 I think it’s fatigue man.

choconut5 Breaking pitches are all hanging. He's so fatigued.

mando_94 Cmon Sho! You got this

KamartyMcFlyweight Ohtani 100% speaks at least conversational English

hansan4ever Oh 100%. Even Ippei said so!

claire_004 He seems talking a lot on the base path too



Rover16 Good escape!

digitaldumpsterfire Idk what stassi said, but it fucking worked.

claire_004 Probably something simple like "relax mate, just throw strike and I will do something"

WhalesForChina “Throw fastballs.”

KamartyMcFlyweight "Hey, Shohei, remember you have a 97-101 mph fastball."

"Oh shit I forgot"

Skyheart1004 Those last two outs were significantly better, whatever Stassi said worked wonders. It looks like the high velo fast ball and maybe more of those low sliders will be it tonight.

undesiredlogic get some added runs and I think sho will settle in some more. Good inning getting out of the jam.




theobnoxioussquirrel No way!!!!!!!!

prisonrach OH SHIT!!!!!

MuffinsTLW Ohhh my God!!!

choconut5 Holy shit

Gyro88 Holy shitttttttttttt


mweolbwa OMG TAYLOR WARD!!! 🔥

stumpson Gggggggggggone!

Brutha_Man Grand Fucking Slam!!!!!!!!


skylinegtrr grand slam lol


hansan4ever TAYLOR!!!!!!!!

Im_A_Halo_Masochist Holy WARD!!!!!

zodiac1018 WARD HOLY FUCK

mutdua I live you Ward!!!

more_porkins Let’s fuckin goooooo



BerlinStar17 Ward is on fire!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Segal-train Wtf this lineup and leadoff ward?

GummyMummys He has to be the player of the week right?

DunbarDiPianosa Hell yeah Ward!

This lineup's speed and power is awesome

looseandgoose Guys… I think I’m starting to believe 😗

GetDrafted Taylor Ward called the World Series and I trust him



Brutha_Man Sho needs some rest man not looking good at all

choconut5 Shohei, just throw the fastball! Enough breaking balls.

BerlinStar17 Dang, another high splitter

Rover16 Damn. Ohtani has gotten a lot of 2 strikes, but his wipeout pitches are failing him.

BerlinStar17 Yeah the slider and splitter that dominated the astros are simply not there

GetDrafted Is there a huge difference between this start and the last for Ohtani in terms of weather or something? His breaking balls were absolutely unhittable last time out
(今回と前回の先発で何か大きく変わったことってある、気温だとかそういうので? あの日の変化球はそれこそ絶対に打てないと思わせる切れ味があったのに)

hansan4ever I think it was in the 80's in Houston the last time, and now it's like 60 degrees here.

DecentAnalysis8642 It’s 65 in Anaheim, so maybe. Definitely a grip issue, plus fatigue.

PearlDrummer I would really like for him to go at least five innings tonight.

Skyheart1004 It's possible but I would settle with getting through 4. He's looking a little worn and out bullpen hasn't been used much these past two games.


hansan4ever :D

DecentAnalysis8642 BOOM!

Possible_Tap8558 LFG ohtani

BerlinStar17 Great high fastball

Mooncake76 Never doubted you bb

notstamos Nice to see Sho battle his way to two scoreless innings after the first. Doesn’t have his best stuff but he’s making it work.

KamartyMcFlyweight Nice strikeout! Looks like we can at least get him for the fourth.
(ナイス奪三振! どうやら少なくとも4回までは大谷が投げる姿を見れそうだな)

Thank god for the bullpen upgrades. Used to be anything less than a quality start was a guaranteed loss.

freddychuckles Let's get a W, Shohei!


gottahavemytunes When did we start getting so many comments on our game threads? Couple years ago we would regularly have less then 100 in the whole game, now it’s over 1000 in the 4th inning. Who are you people?
(それにしてもエンゼルス板の実況スレはいつのまにこんなに書き込みが増えるようになったんだ? 数年前まで試合全体で100コメントも行かなかったのに今じゃ4回表の時点で1000コメント超えだぞ? 誰だお前たちは?)

winterbIoom shohei happened
(何が起きたも何も、"大谷" が起こったじゃないか)

KamartyMcFlyweight Most are Ohtani fans I'd assume but I'm here for Jose Suarez

steveofthejungle People who like Trout and Ohtani and want to find a secondary team.

It me.



hansan4ever Alright, SHO!!

MrTacoParty ooooo Ohtani dealing, love it...

Mountain-Ad451 His fastball is nasty today

Rover16 Nice! Finally a quick inning by Ohtani!
(ナイス! ようやくサクッと終わるイニングができたな!)

BerlinStar17 Nice inning there

GameSmashing13 It might have taken longer than we’d all like, but Ohtani is ON right now

Possible_Tap8558 better late than never

eskimokid2000 Did he throw anything off speed that inning? All fastballs, one at 99…
(今のイニングでオフスピードピッチってあった? 全部速球で一つは時速99マイルまで行ってなかったか...) オフスピードピッチ:投手が緩急をつけるために投げる遅い球

choconut5 They really have zero chance against Sho's fastball tonight.

winterbIoom never doubted you my boy

digitaldumpsterfire Yall should know by now, NEVER doubt Shohei Ohtani.

claire_004 We are really lucky to have him

Broad_Recommendation Happy with the way Ohtani has battled tonight. Shows how good someone is when they are able to fight when they don’t have their best stuff.

Skyheart1004 I love how even with his rough starts, he still doesn't give up that many runs (we ignore that Yankees game). Last year, he had some rough starts but he only gave up 2-3 runs, the only thing was the offense couldn't back him up to get the W. Finally getting run support from the offense is such a nice thing to see this season.

mweolbwa 2nd win for Showy please


Brutha_Man There you go Sho!

winterbIoom yeahhhhh shoheiii

Gyro88 That was fuckin ripped

Im_A_Halo_Masochist Good stroke Sho!



BerlinStar17 Umm, what?

DR_Snapple Lol what

patronus7899 What the what?

prisonrach tf was that

Possible_Tap8558 what the hell was that

mysterysackerfice That was...weird

Skyheart1004 Umm I have to admit, that was kinda funny........

youareallnuts Did Ohtani get the stop sign from the third base coach?

themysteryteam It looked like it

skylinegtrr Trout didn't see 3rd base coach stop Ohtani...

Mijert Trouty what you doing man

Chrisstory8 Rare trout base running error

Camshaft92 Dammit Trout

hansan4ever Sometimes Goats make mistakes...

Smoky_Amethyst Well, we got a run.

sin8_7 Well 1 run in, I will take it

spartashonor that's the first time I've seen trout make a huge mistake

CydoniaKnight Nice to see solid contact from Walshy.

Lets not talk about what happened after that.



GameSmashing13 SHO!!!!

mweolbwa Quick inning 🐐👏

BerlinStar17 That was highly efficient

NoahReckss Wow we might get 6 inning tonight after his 60 pitches through 3 innings?

Im_A_Halo_Masochist Good job Shohei! Take the rest of the night off… from pitching!
(よくやったショーヘイ! 今夜はもう休んでくれ...投げる方だけだぞ!)

pwnd32 So looks like Ohtani’s night is over, still amazing he was able to pull a decent quality start out of a 30 pitch 1st inning

theaussiesamurai Great outing Shohei.

Didn't have close to his best stuff but he battled and was only one hung slider to one of the best hitters in the league away from 5 shutout innings

CydoniaKnight Seriously a fantastic job from Shohei bouncing back from those first two innings and clearing 5.

Tun710 Great adjustment after a rough start

kirbyfaraone That’ll do Shohei, that’ll do

gopackgo555 Well he has totally settled down. Great sign as a pitcher to dominate more as the game goes on. If only he didn’t have so many pitches early. Could go late into this game.

claire_004 5 IP with only 2 runs allowed and his breaking ball looks off, I'd say he's doing great today.

Admiral_Ackbardown Right? It’s crazy when someone is so good at pitching this is an off night
(だよな? 調子が悪い時でもこれだけ投げれるってんだから大したもんさ)

digitaldumpsterfire Thank god for Max Stassi bc he clearly said the right thing at the right time to Shohei.

hansan4ever I love Stasstani!!

Fox sportsのMLBアナリスト - Ben Verlander



GameSmashing13 SHOHEI!!!!!!!!!

Mooncake76 OHTANI!!! 🥰

DecentAnalysis8642 YEAH BABY!!!!!

hansan4ever YES SHO!!!!!!!!

YouPresumeTooMuch Shohei!!!

sanmed327 Yes Ohtani!!

mweolbwa Let's go Shohei Ohtani 😍

Smoky_Amethyst Nice one Shohei!

hansan4ever THIS IS FUN THIS IS FUN!!!

Rover16 Ohtani doubles are back on the menu!!

Im_A_Halo_Masochist Ohtani is looking better!

Glittering-Hold3400 Hopefully this is a sign he’s breaking out of his slump

8va I like the Ohtani Rule :)

gopackgo555 What a game by Ohtani. Started poor then dominated. Also two hits. Very MVP like performance.

WhalesForChina This is Shohei on a ‘bad’ night.
(これで大谷にとっては "調子の悪い日" だってんだから)

pwnd32 Oh god now imagine having to face Mike Trout




mutdua OMG!!!! Go Trout

YouPresumeTooMuch 🎤🐟



Mooncake76 Good Lord!!! What is this team rn??!!

Responsible-Major-95 I’m bricked up 🧱 bricked up:股間がレンガのごとく硬くなること

natefreight Solid af

Tun710 brb changing my pants

YanoHideki This is the lineup that we're waiting for a while

Brutha_Man If we hit like this all year I’ll see you at the WS

hansan4ever I'm getting emotional for real...!

hansan4ever The last 3 games have been AMAZING!

mweolbwa Today is a good good game ☺️

Much_Ad_2486 Not seeing Mike Trout play for a year really almost made me forget how unfair he is

arkdude Ward-Ohtani-Trout is the best 1-2-3 in baseball

Total_Preparation_67 We didn't get any run support for Ohtani last year, but we are different this year.

msijacoke This is DEFINITELY what this lineup looks at its best



GucciGump 😂