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cPa3k This is getting ridiculous… I love it

ObamaEatsBabies This is so ridiculous, I love it

SandyMandy17 Monsterverse is in it’s late Showa era

Jaxonhunter227 Inside every godzilla fan there are two wolves

One that loves serious drama where godzilla is a vessel to tell an impactful story

And one that Just wants to see godzilla fight a bunch of monsters

Usually we must chose which wolf to feed, but not anymore, they will both be well fed

Thebat87 This is how I feel. My serious side was fed yesterday wonderfully with Minus One. My silly kick all monsters’ asses side gets fed by this.

Jaxonhunter227 I'm not expecting this movie to live up to minus one, it's not. I'm not expecting the characters to be deep, they probably won't be. All I'm expecting is characters that are cheezy and campy, and to watch kong punch another monke with a robot fist that he has now apparently

Woggums83 Totally thought that was fucking Bumblebee’s arm at the beginning and I was really confused yet extremely excited

HomeMysterious4622 Ngl i also thought of transformers when i saw the arm

scout1892 Lol same

In_My_Own_Image That shot at the end of Godzilla and Kong is so ridiculous and awesome! And I love Godzilla's new look.
(最後の方のゴジラとコングが並走しているシーンの頭の悪さが最高だと思いました! それとゴジラの新しい姿もステキ)

IC2Flier this is Showa as fuck. It deffo plays into what the audience wanted out of the US Godzilla productions and I understand the worries downthread, but it’s also nice to see Legendary lean into the vibe.

In_My_Own_Image Honestly, if the Monsterverse handling the "crazy kaiju action" allows Toho to do more movies like Shin and Minus One then I say let them go nuts.

HomeMysterious4622 literally everyone wins. Want crazy kaiju action just like the showa era? Monsterverse has you covered. Want something more deep? Look over to Toho and see what they’re cooking.

ContinuumGuy Godzilla's rich history allows him to be interpreted in a multitude of ways

To be sure, this is a lighter incarnation, but is certainly no less valid and true to the character's roots as the tortured atomic testing victim, lashing out at the world that created him.

ContinuumGuy 「今回の舞台は地球大空洞で重力が異なる次元であるようだ...これはゴジラが熱戦で空を飛ぶシーンが来てもおかしくないで!」

Mojoclaw2000 「もしくはドロップキック」

ShaqSenju 「そんなの見せられたら俺泣いちゃうよ」

G-Kira Fatzilla lost all the weight.

blueasian0682 Hibernating in ice does that to you.

CrisMcFly317 I bet they got some inspiration from godzilla 2000 for his new look. So cool!
(今回のゴジラのデザインは『ゴジラ2000 ミレニアム』からインスピレーションを得たに違いない。とてもクールだ!)

MatsThyWit They've gone all the way back to the Godzilla 2000 design in a lot of ways and I love it.
(『ゴジラ2000 ミレニアム』まで遡ってそこから新しいゴジラを作り出すとかやってくれるぜ!)

rivermaster32 Why is he so weightless?

Reklov66 Hollow earth gravity shenaningans

SpagettMonster Is it just me or did they make Godzilla's arms longer?

ImNotHighFunctioning They did.

AweHellYo need them for a proper high five

PunyParker826 I’m sorry but that shot of him running and swinging his arms like a person looked weird as hell

Gojira0530 I agree. The reason why Kong and humans swing their arms when they run is for balance, so it's weird seeing Godzilla's tail-having ass swinging his arms lol.

thebestguy96 That’ll be a meme. I almost guarantee it

「アイスクリームトラックの音楽が聞こえてきた直後の子供たちの様子」 ※アイスクリームトラック:アイスクリームの移動販売車。アメリカではアイスクリームトラックが住宅街を頻繁に巡回しており販売中であることを知らせるオルゴールのような音を大音量で流しながら走っている

HawkmoonsCustoms This is shaping up to be the exact polar opposite to GMO and I love that both exist.

What an amazing time to be a G-fan.



モナーク:レガシー・オブ・モンスターズ:Apple TV+で11月17日より全世界で配信が開始された「モンスター・ヴァース」をベースとしたSFドラマシリーズ

DWA824 Don't forget the crossover with the Justice League, the reprints of the Marvel Comics and the novelizations of the first two movies!
(DCコミックで今年発売されたクロスオーバーシリーズ『ジャスティスリーグvsゴジラvsコング』やマーベルコミック版『ゴジラ キング・オブ・モンスターズ』の再販、さらには最初の2本の映画の小説版販売も忘れちゃ困るぜ!)

gzapata_art There's also like 4 different Godzilla comics coming out right now

Numerous_Aardvark_13 We aew feasting

Puzzleheaded_Chard_2 Haven’t eaten this good In decades

TheMightyBismarck We Eating GOOOOOOD TONIGHT

Cookie_Bagles The golden age has come