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Superzone13 Because they’ve been shit.

I’m not even being a smart ass or anything, that’s just straight up the reason. If their movies were good, people would go see them.

Okurei Their animated movies all look like the same generic, cookie-cutter crap and there's a like a million of them a year. Disney makes it so easy to take just one look at a trailer and determine not a single one of their movies is worth seeing.

hackfraud30011999 they’re bad overly expensive movies

Prophet_Comstock The scripts are bad. The quality has dropped substantially across most of their movies over the years.

BlazeOfGlory72 There are a hundred different factors, but at the end of the day the only one that really matters is quality. The simple fact is that Disney stopped making good films.

Berta_Movie_Buff There are a plethora of reasons, but I think one of the biggest factors is brand image. Disney movies are failing because the “Disney magic” is gone.

NoNefariousness2144 「主な理由は 2 つある

1- 質がクソ低い
2- ディズニー+

ポイント1については単にディズニーが作品の質を高めようとする努力をやめたという事に尽きる。2019年の『アベンジャーズ/エンドゲーム 』『トイ・ストーリー4』『アナと雪の女王2』『スターウォーズ/スカイウォーカーの夜明け』でピークを迎えたディズニーはそれに舞い上がり、巨額の製作費と宣伝費を投じればそれだけで自動的にヒットを生み出せると考えた。


cpslcking You can see that in the review scores for the Marvels or Wish. Its not that they're bad, they're mid. They're bland and boring and are doing nothing new. Audiences have seen the same shit for the past decade and they've finally tuned out.

The thing with Wish that frustrates me is that its got made by algorithm or committee all over it. Its a cynical checklist of Things Disney Execs Want In A Successful Movie. Theres nothing new, no creative vision, no creative integrity.
(『Wish』を見た時もいかにも "映画の興行成績を脚本段階で予測する脚本解析アルゴリズム" で作られた映画らしくてイライラさせられた。"成功する映画に求められるものをまとめたチェックリスト" を見させられているようだった。そこには新しいものは何もなく、創造性はおろか作り手のモラル・誠実さすら感じられなかった)

dontarguewithmorons there are many reasons, but the one that stands out to me the most is that their films don't seem to be made with children in mind first. children as an audience are a secondary thought and the movies lately feel as if written to please terminally online adults.

rsl_sltid That's the big one for me. None of their trailers get my kids or their friends excited. Dreamworks and Illumination know exactly who their audience is, my kids are always stoked for those movies. They laugh at the trailers and the kids at school all talk about the movies so the other kids get that FOMO. I had to tell my daughter about Wish, she hadn't even heard about it

Angiers_Clone Too much content, most of which was subpar at best.
(作品を乱発しすぎ、しかもどれも "平凡" がせいぜいの凡作だらけ)

Trying to cater to multiple demographics to the point that it was comical. Disney doesn’t give a shit and focus-grouped their entire brand to death.

CabbageStockExchange 「原因は1つどころの話じゃない






・モーションキャプチャーやフェイシャルキャプチャーを使わず純粋なCGに依存しすぎているためアニメーションがどれも似たり寄ったり、ある種時代遅れに見える。 たとえばソニーとドリームワークスがアニメーションで何をしてきたかを見てみるがいい、彼らのアニメーションはそれだけで人目を引くものになっている

・すべての人気フランチャイズの方向性が不明確 」

Rise-from-the-Grave7 I think this is true to a point, but I think whats worse is slapping a race on a character to have "representation" then give them an absolutely shit story.

Into & Across the spiderverse do amazing with probably one of the most diverse animation casts. The reason they're so accepted by so many is that the story resonates with everyone, even if it's highlighting a specific, diverse experience.

A kid from Japan can look at Miles and resonate with his struggles (acceptance, skill, trying to define yourself, etc.), even if they've never been to NY. Same with someone in South America.

Theyre good stories on their own. Their characters just happen to be a poc and that's just one more layer to add onto a really beautifully written character
(単に物語としてだけ見ても素晴らしいからそう感じることができる。主人公が有色人種であることが気にならず、邪魔にならず、むしろすでに素晴らしいキャラクターにもう一つの厚みを加える要素として機能している) リプリゼント:


balloot The other issue with these "diverse" characters is that they tend to be written without flaws.

Captain Marvel, Rey, Black Panther, The Little Mermaid (the original script changed to remove weaknesses). They have no depth, they're just like "look at this avatar of an underrepresented group who is perfect in every way!"
(キャプテン・マーベルにしろ、スターウォーズのレイにしろ、ブラックパンサーにしろリトル・マーメイドにしろそうだ。というか欠陥を取り除くために元の脚本が変更されたって話じゃないか。そしてそのおかげで彼らには深みがない、完璧な存在のマイノリティキャラ描いて「見て! 私たちがどんなに彼らのことを大切に思っているか見て!」とアピールするだけのキャラになっている)

All of the original Avengers (white men) have obvious, glaring flaws. It's what made them interesting and relatable. Disney is doing other groups a disservice by refusing to give them real characters like these.

pocketpc_ The issue is that these female and POC characters aren't actually bringing in female and POC fans (partially because of the poor writing you mentioned).

BowlFullOfDeli_bird I don’t think it’s the fact that the lead is a woman, I think the problem is that they’re often not interesting. The scripts will create these bland perfect/flawless characters for the film to center around and it’s not fun to watch.

BadassSasquatch Across the board, Disney has had a severe lack of good writers. Shows, movies, shorts, it doesn't matter. It's all been lackluster with only a handful of standouts.

Tarotoro Main reason I believe is because they have eroded the trust of the people. With all the recent movies being either political, mediocre, or both, people are just wary of spending money on Disney again I think. I for one am tired of all the race swaps, all the forced diversity, all the political messages. (I am not white if anyone is wondering) I just want a good story.
(私が考える一番の理由は "人々の信頼を損なったから" だ。最近のディズニー映画はどれも政治的なメッセージがメインか作品として平凡、あるいはその両方でしかない、そのせいで人々はディズニー映画にお金を使うことに慎重になっているのだと思う。私自身も人種の変更や多様性の強制、政治的メッセージにはうんざりしている(ちなみに疑問に思っている人がいたら言っておくけど私は白人ではない)。私はただ良い話が欲しいだけだ)

RobbyTheRobit I think the main issue is an over saturation of virtually all of their major brands, and a push to make their content appeal to the broadest demographics imaginable which results in generic films and TV shows that appeal to almost no one.

BeijingArk 1: advertising a movie to the wrong audience
2: Terrible writing, bad scripts
3: Really really bad acting
4: Bad VFX in general
5: Annoyingly political
6: All the drama about Disney
(1: 本来のターゲットであるディズニーファンではなく別のターゲットに向けてコンテンツをアピール
2: ひどい脚本
3: 演技が本当に下手
4: 全体的に悪い VFX
5: うっとうしいほど政治的メッセージ
6: ディズニーにまつわるすべての騒動)

Overrated_22 For me Disney brand has become more about checking boxes and meeting quotas rather than telling engaging family friendly stories.
(私にとって今やディズニーという会社は家族向けの魅力的なストーリーを届けるよりも、"ポリコレあるいは利益を最大化するための必須項目が並んだチェックボックスにチェックを入れること" に重点を置いた会社だよ)